"Italian Stallion"

1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT

Favored “Scalino” or “Step Nose” model
Proven all-round Rally car
Money no object restauration and preparation
168 HP
Original engine included

These Alfa Romeo coupes came with many names... the Giulia Sprint GT, GT Veloce, GTV, GT Junior, and GTV 2000. The timeless Italian Bertone styling by Giorgietto Giugiaro and the sweet twin-cam dual-carburetor soundtrack gives these cars their strong following among enthusiasts and racers.

This car however is not just any of these GT’s but a desired early “Scalino” of “Step Nose” Giulia Sprint GT” delivered to France in 1964 and exported to The Netherlands in 1974.

In 2004 a well-known Dutch rally driver undertook a “money no object” bare metal restoration and preparation as a tarmac rally car and only 8000 kms were covered since then. A full photo report of the restoration is available.

The 1750cc engine was tuned professionally and uprated to 168 HP (Dyno sheet available).

Some specs

Full cage 
Cibie Oscar lamps
Dual Webers
Stainless steel exhaust
Oil cooler
High capacity radiator
Full Aeroquip lines
Dual brake cylinder 
New bespoke wiring loom
Large capacity fuel tank
Dual fuel pumps
Koni shock absorbers
Full rally equipment including Don Barrow potty, digital compass etc. etc.
Complete set of on-board spares and tools
Matching numbers engine is included plus one spare engine

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