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1965 / 1966 Ford Mustang Shelby

1965 / 1966 Ford Mustang Shelby
“Toolroom Copy”
FIA HTP until December 2025
430 Bhp
2021 Spa 6 Hours Entry
Podium finisher
Truly on the button
This outstanding “Shelby” was built on a rust-free USA dry state body imported to Europe in 2011.
One of Germany’s best workshops performed a nut and bolt restoration/preparation using al the best components available including a new 430 Bhp Tim Adams engine.
It’s maiden race was in Melbourne Australia during the 2015 50th Mustang anniversary and since then the car was raced a total of 10 Hours at selected events in Europe like the NKHTGT where it was the fastest Mustang by far.

Early 2020 the engine was rebuilt and tested / run in at a local track in Germany as a preparation for the Spa 6 hours of 2020 that never took place.

Therefore, the car is already entered for the 2021 Spa 6 hours where we believe she should be a class winner.

The car comes with an invitation from the NKHTGT offering a free race at Barcelona or any other track of choice.

Some highlights
-Very high level of workmanship and build quality.
-German “H” oldtimer road registration
-TüV / MOT until 2023
-Running in time only on the engine
-Only 5 hours on the gearbox
-FIA legal to the last detail.
-Certified Roll cage from CP tech (of F1 Halo fame).
-Long distance Continental FT3 fuel cell. In date.
-New seat, harness, fire extinguisher all in date
-New seat is adjustable for all lengths
-Special Midnight blue over white color combination
-MSD wiring pre-installed
-9 inch rear axle
-1 inch lowered front suspension
-Pre-wired for night time racing

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16 Ricard 3-2019190331_S_L3975
Senten-Images Paul Ricard 3-2019190331_S_L3791

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