“The ultimate Ginetta”
1965 Ginetta G4”R” 

New Twincam Engine

The Wakletts, four brothers, began constructing cars under the Ginetta name in the mid 1950’s. They introduced the G4 in 1961 and it was fitted with either a 1000 cc or 1500cc Ford engine.

In 1963 the car was homologated with the 1000cc engine and due to its low weight and strong chassis G4 owners were very successful.

The factory noted the success of their customers racing the G4 and began an effort to campaign a factory sponsored “works” G4. This led to the development of the G4R designating a purpose-built race car with several upgraded components including a Ginetta designed independent rear axle with inboard disc brakes and the fitment of a 1600 cc Ford-Lotus Twin Cam engine. The car was an immediate racing success and approximately a dozen G4R’s were built. The G4R offers fantastic handling and is known for being able to beat significantly more powerful cars.

The car on sale has a correct “toolroom copy” Ginetta tube frame with the correct round tubes and is fitted with a factory hardtop.

The car was prepared by Coccia racing in Germany and is currently located in an important race car collection in Italy.

The best lap time at Spa is just under 3.00 minutes.

Some Details 
New1600cc Twincam engine prepared by AP motorsport Italy. 
Alloy Bel housing 
Ford Cortina SCCR gearbox
Salisbury Diff, Plate type LSD
Correct Grilling discs and calipers
Dual circuit Girling Master cylinders
Minilite wheels 
Factory Hard Top
All safety equipment is “in date”

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15 Sospesione anteriore frontale 13×9

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