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1971 Alfa Romeo GT Junior Upgraded with a GT 2000 engine, gearbox and LSD The ultimate driving Alfa Romeo GT

The Alfa Romeo GT Junior was the entry model to the Alfa Romeo coupé range. It was designed by a young Giorgietto Giugiaro at Bertone and introduced in 1965 as the replacement for the Giullietta Sprint series.

The standard GT Junior was fitted with the 1300 twin cam engine as fitted to the Giulietta series cars. The smaller engine was introduced in order to allow buyers to choose an Alfa Romeo coupé while avoiding the higher taxes on the models with larger engine capacity, especially in Alfa Romeo's home Italian market.

This particular GT Junior has benefitted from the installation an entire 2 Liter drive line and offers the best combination of handling and power.

- 1993 2 Ltr engine and gearbox
- Limited slip differential
- 70 Liter Tank
- No costs were saved in rebuilding this car to the highest possible standards.
- Valid Dutch technical inspection

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