“Evolution = Revolution”
1992 Lancia Delta Integrale EVO 1

Blu Lord over beige interior
103.000 km
Engine only 28.000 kms

The Integrale EVO 1, originally known as the EVO is widely regarded as the most desirable of all Integrale’s. As the EVO 1 was the one last used for motorsport in Group A it has all the high-end technical features needed to win five consecutive world rally championships. The superior but costly suspension and performance engine parts were deleted for the EVO 2 series.

On the other hand, the EVO 2 gained an inch in wheel size with lower tires and a much more luxurious interior especially with the highly sought after Recaro high back seats.

FL-LH-74 was first registered in the Netherlands mid 1992 by the Dutch Lancia Importer and used as a director’s company car and press car featuring in several articles from the Dutch Motoring press. She was sold to the second owner in 1993 and meticulously maintained with all services performed by Lancia of Amsterdam (Halan BV).

In 1994 a lady customer of Halan in Amsterdam fell in love with the looks of our car and ordered an identical model. When her car arrived, it was an EVO 2 because that was what Lancia produced in that year. She had the original grey Alcantara of the previous EVO model in her head and on top of that she was not comfortable in the sportier Recaro high backs the car was fitted with. So she proposed the owner of FL-LH-74 to swap interiors, which the owner agreed to, providing the work would be done by the Lancia dealership. So it happened and that is why this car has the unique combination of the superior technical outlay of the EVO 1 combined with the gorgeous interior of an EVO 2. +31652692069 www.machineswithamission.com

The second owner added the EVO 2 larger 16-inch wheels to the look and in 1998 with 75.000 km on the clock, the engine was replaced with a factory supplied new engine by Lancia Amsterdam.

The third owner bought the car in 1999 and has loved it for almost 20 years using it only on special occasions with a total of 20.000 kilometres on the odometer over this period.

- Completely original, matching numbers
- Full-service history
- Complete documentation
- Period upgrades to EVO 2 interior and 16-inch EVO 2 wheels
- Rare original air conditioning unit Extra’s
- 4 original 15-inch EVO 1 wheels fitted with original Pirelli P700 Corsa tires
- Custom dust cover

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