Ready for new Adventures
2001 Toyota Lancdruiser 100 4.3L Diesel 

Ready for new adventures
Dakar Classic and other rallies
2001 Toyota Landcruiser 100
FIA Homologation
4.3L Diesel 6 Cylinder 204 Bhp / 430Nm
New engine 
Fully rebuilt

This most versatile of all the Landcruisers was initially prepared by Albert Vanierschot as a press car for Koen Wauters and the Paris-Dakar rally.

Later the car was acquired by Eurotech of The Netherlands to be used as the service car for their participation in the 2007 edition that was cancelled last minute due to unrest in Africa. Like most teams Eurotech then entered the 2008 Trans Orientale Rally from St. Petersburg to Bejing.

Since then the car was used for an overland journey to South Africa, led a sheltered life and was only used for some local journeys.

In 2018 the car received a new engine that was installed by specialists All American Imports of The Netherlands.

The car is fully equipped to tackle any overland journey or off road rally. By the same token the car handles excellent on tarmac and is extremely agile and versatile.

The current “Overland” type rear interior could be easily replaced by the 2 original rear seats that are supplied with the car.

Currently wrapped in grey over black paint

Some specs and spares (not exhaustive) 
-Full cage
-Comfortable competition seats
-Reiger shock absorbers front
-Double shock absorbers rear
-Raised chassis 
-Large capacity fuel tanks. 90L and 150L
-Hi capacity Victron Inverter 
-Extra fuel filter 
-2 Rear “clip on” tents, large and small.
-Battery charger
-Ample storage space
-Rear wheel rack 
-Set of studded tyres
-Many other spares

-Heavy duty roof rack with sand/road plates

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2 Lacruiser voor WN
3 Landcruiser 3:4 linksvoor WN
4 Landcruiser 3:4 voor WN
5 Landcruiser Lateraal WN
6 Landcruiser interieur WN
7 DSC_0166
8 Landcruiser snorkel WN
9 Lacruiser 3:4 voor WN
11 DSC_0151
12 Landcruiser motor WN
13 DSC_0155
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