“Born on the track, legal for the road”

Audi R8 V10 GT-“R”

600 HP
2010, Only 23.000 km
No expense spared

This car is the ultimate Audi V10, built for endurance GT racing, yet legal for the road. It is available at a fraction of the original build costs and a very special Machine with a Mission. The 600 HP strong 4WD car sports an original Audi GT3 LMS body kit and Audi Roll Cage that were developed for GT3 racing hence the DMSB pass and eligibility for STT, NES500 and RCN and many other series. The value of the original Audi GT3 parts alone exceeds Euro 80.000.

Some other specs and highlights:
- German Road Registration
- Full Carbon LMS/GT3 Body/doors and underbody including downforce generating splitter and diffusor
- Only 1400 kgs (as opposed to the standard 1700 kgs)
- OZ Ultraleggera wheels 11x19 and 12x19
- Lift system, 9cm Cargraphic
- Audi inner wheel arches
- Fully adjustable (Bump/Rebound/Height) Billstein Club Sport.
- Uniball suspension
- Central radiator
- MTM600 software
- Akrapovic Titanium exhaust
- Electrically operated fire extinghuisher
- Recaro race seats
- Alcantara interior
- Air-conditioning

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