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Belga Procar GpN
Philip Verellen Tribute car 1990-1991
Eligible for youngtimer races
German Road registration

The original Audi 200 V8 Quattro was driven by Belgian star Philip Verellen following his return to the Belga team in 1990. Verellen had been discovered by the 'Belga Stuurwiel', a promotional program run by the Belga cigarette company to find talented young drivers. From the selected drivers participating in the 1986 'Stuurwiel' at Zolder, the jury had real difficulties in deciding the winner from the four best candidates, but eventually they chose Philip Verellen, who was not only the fastest but also the most consistent. At that time Philip Verellen was 23 years old and working as a journalist for the magazine, 'Autokrant'.

His reward was the opportunity to race in the Belgian saloon car championship in 1986. In 1990 he joined the Belga team to contest the inaugural Belgian Procar Championship, driving one of the team's two Audi V8 Quattros. Introduced in 1988, the Audi V8 Quattro was the German manufacturer's flagship model. Philip Verellen went on to a 3rd place in in 1990 and an overall win in 1991.

Philip Verellen died on 9th May 2002 following a serious illness and in 2013 as a tribute to his late brother, Paul Verellen bult this car to the complete original period GpN specification. The bodywork was fully restored, the engine completely overhauled, and the odometer put back to zero. A lot of work went into the restoration, and Paul received much assistance from the Juma team for whom Philip had raced earlier in his career.

This historic car is offered with various articles relating to race victories and especially the 1991 championship win; a selection of period photographs, a file of restoration photographs; and a valuation report confirming its condition. A unique opportunity.

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