“The Giant Killer” 
Lotus 47GT Continuation

Twincam Engine, Hewland FT200

Completely period correct to the last detail

Professionally built by foremost Lotus 47 expert, Jeff Spencer, with all correct and largely original parts. This is exactly as a car would have left the factory in 196, down to very last detail. 

This car has undergone a full HTP (Historic Technical Passport) assessment and has the documentation to show that it fully complies with every aspect of the original 1967 Lotus 47GT Homologation.  Therefore this ‘museum quality’ car could be raced in all historic events. The car also has a current V5 and 1967 registration number (E reg) so it can be used on the road as well.

The car has been allocated a ‘continuation’ chassis number of 47GT201 and has been inspected by the Historic Lotus 47 Registrar, John Bolding who has confirmed this car as being a true and accurate Lotus 47 in every respect. 

The car has been in Jeff’s private collection for a few years, and remains in immaculate ‘as new’ condition throughout.

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2 DSC_0227
3 DSC_0220
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8 DSC_0232
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