“Ultralight and Ultrafast” 

Lotus Cortina

Team Lotus FIA Cortina
Raced to victory by Andy Middlehurst
JS Engine only two races
Eligible for U2TC, Goodwood,
Masters, HSCC, NKHTGT and much more

Superbly prepared and ultrafast LHD Lotus Cortina built to very high-level FIA spec.  
The car is fitted with a fresh John Smurthwaite engine only raced twice.

Set up was performed by Team Lotus driver Andy Middlehurst who also took the car to victory in the Silverstone GP HSCC event.

The car is absolutely race ready and on the button.  

1 Main Picture
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3 1685f024-cde9-4e7f-86c1-dad6d4f8d898
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4,5 e0a49bef-81d1-4672-8db8-2fb600a1a6d7
5 SC_0013
6 DSC_0002
7 DSC_0003
8 DSC_0024
9 DSC_0022
10 DSC_0007
11 2e846e9e-3734-499e-a89d-316e8556bb50
12 3ed65a-e816-4e47-9155-1ede6f396680
13 a30b511a-2097-47aa-a5ee-7a3ba1cdf9e6
15 IMG_0248

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