2007 Marcos Mantis GT3

2007 Marcos Mantis GT3
Engineered and built by Cor Euser 
500 HP 5L Ford Modular Quadcam V8
Extremely reliable package

This development of the Marcos Mantis now equipped with a flat bottom was created by Cor Euser Racing in 2007.  The name Marcorelly is derived from the first names of the team Marcel Geltink, Cor Euser and Ellly Euser. The car was instantly quick in the Spanish GTB (GT3) championship with Pedro Castronevez, Fred van Putten and of course Cor Euser himself. In later years the car was entered in the Dutch Supercar Championship and last raced at Assen in 2015.  

The car is capable of a laptime at Spa of 2’.22” and the straight-line speed is well over 300 kmh.

Ford “Modular” Quadcam 5L V8 built by KMS
500 HP
Only 15 hours of 75 hours running time 
Carbon Cold Air Box
Motec Motor Management
6 Speed Sequential Hollinger gearbox
Tilton clutch
Drechsler Diff

Flat bottom
100L tank
Front brakes: PFC 380mm
Rear brakes: Brembo 360mm
Porsche 996 front suspension
1100 kgs
Race Ready after new fuel cell.  

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