“As close as mere mortals can get to F1”
The Bill Brack 1970 Lotus 70 Formula 5000

Chassis 70-4 
In race ready condition
From the golden years of F5000

It’s early sixties and Canadian Bill Brack quickly gained a reputation for himself in racing Mini Coopers on ice and on tarmac and went on to found Sports Cars Unlimited becoming the Lotus distributor for Canada. As a result, Bill raced just about any Lotus sportscar between 1966 and 1970 when he promoted himself to the North American Formula A division with his Lotus F5000 #70-4.

Between May 1970 and August 1972 Brock entered the Chevy V8 powered car in not less than 25 races all over North America after which he continued to F1 and became one of Canada’s greatest drivers.

Chassis 70-4 allegedly raced until the 80’s and went into storage until 2006 when it was discovered and restored by James Faulknor in San Fransisco.

More recently the car was acquired by its current owner and was completely re-commissioned for new adventures.

Some details
-Legendary representative from the golden years of F5000
-Huge history file with results, pictures, articles
-Original Lotus drawings included
-Completely recommissioned by JW Race Service in The Netherlands
-New engine, only 2 hours
-New Fuel cell and safety equipment 2020
-Cockpit accommodates a larger than average driver (larger upper body panel)
-Located in The Netherlands

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13 lotus 1970
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