“Italian design, British engineering”
Triumph TR4  Road registered FIA Race / Fast Rallye Car

Fastest TR4 on the grid

The Giovanni Michelotti styled TR4 is widely considered as the prettiest of all TR’s. The car had been favorably received for its overall performance and great looks and while most TR4’s received Independent Rear Suspension (IRS), Triumph continued to build a live axle version for motorsport purposes. Fitted with a 2,1 L engine and two double Weber Carburetors, the relatively light package makes for a very effective race car in races and rallies all over the world.

A very competitive car and probably the fastest FIA legal TR4 available.
The car is in as good as new condition and completely race ready. Fastest Lap time in FIA spec. Spa 3.05.

Some specs
-Triumph 2,1L engine built to full race spec by a leading specialist
-Twin Weber 45 DCOE 
-Limited Slip differential 
-Long range tank
-Pedal box with adjustable brake bias
-New full roll cage to current FIA spec.
-More details on request

-1 Complete race ready engine by separate negotiation
-Rear axle including differential
-2 sets of wheels
-Various smaller parts

1 Senten-Images_JBS97266092013 kopie
2 Senten- Images Spa Summer Classic ’14 klein-45
3 Senten- Images HZT 2014 4-5-50
4 Senten- Images HZT 2014 4-5-59
5 Senten-Images_JBS28725522013
7 IMG_0603
8 IMG_0610
9 IMG_0616
10 IMG_0615
12 IMG_0627
14 IMG_0611
15 IMG_0629

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